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Best Disabled Dating Sites

Best Disabled Dating Sites

Disability Is No Obstacle For Love


Single people find it quite challenging to navigate the dating scene, especially when it comes to online dating. But when you have a disability – whether it's physical, mental or emotional – finding a reliable life partner becomes an even more troublesome task.


No one in this world is bound to be lonely and live without love. You deserve to be cherished and appreciated. If you're a single person with disabilities, don't even think about losing hope! Dating for disabled is hardly different than other kinds of online dating. Your soulmate is waiting for you out there, probably searching for you as well. It’s time for you two to meet and become a couple!


Nowadays, finding friends and soulmates has become easier for people with disabilities thanks to the variety of online dating websites. They often serve as social networking platforms and welcoming online communities based on shared interests and values. Such websites are intended not only for disabled people but for everyone who might be interested in forging a friendship or relationship with someone who has special needs.


If you're a disabled single looking for romance, fun dates or a serious, long-term commitment in the online dating world, the first step towards your goal is finding the right website. Having considered many factors – such as popularity and the user database size, convenient features and useful options, subscription pricing, and the quality and variety of content – we have drawn up the following list of the best disabled dating sites catered toward disabled singles.

Online Dating For Disabled Singles: Top 5 Sites


  • Match.com – This site's clear advantage over other similar portals is its most extensive database of singles with disabilities. In simple terms, on Match.com, you can find more single people than on any other mail order bride dating website, including disabled people looking for a soulmate. The website gets almost 14 million users per month, with a balanced gender ratio. When it comes to wheelchair dating, numbers are one of the most important things. Give yourself the advantage of having a huge number of profiles to browse and choose from. If you so wish, you can list your own disability on your profile. Match.com implements an intelligent system of filters, which allows you to search and sort profiles for disabled singles.


  • Elite Singles – Justifying its name, this website boasts of a refined database of singles – only one out of five members doesn't have a college degree. In comparison to other dating portals, Elite Singles is catered towards a more open-minded and serious audience. According to the profile statistics, as many as 82 percent of its members hold a higher education degree – bachelor's, master's, doctorate, or a combination of all three. This online dating portal gives you the opportunity to freely and unreservedly express your identity, your lifestyle choices, and core values. If you’re feeling lonely, sign up at Elite Singles and you'll surely find a person who feels the same and shares your beliefs. The website receives about 300,000 users per month, almost 60% of which are ladies.


  • Zoosk – If you're not ready to settle down yet and are looking for some fun casual dates, visit Zoosk. It's gained a lot of popularity among young single disabled people, since it is less serious in nature than Match.com but offers similar excellent options for searching and filtering profiles. For the most part, the demographics of this website falls within the age bracket of 18 to 30 years. Zoosk is the choice of young online daters who might not be looking for a serious and deeply committed long-term relationship but want to enjoy casual dates with fun people. Every month, Zoosk gets almost 4 million users, with a balanced gender ratio.


  • Disability Match – This website is mainly catered to the UK audience. It covers a wide range of disabilities, and its membership is constantly expanding. The dating portal places a huge emphasis on the privacy of their users, as well as the convenience of their disabled dating service. You'll be offered several detailed tutorials on how to optimize your profile using various available tools. The filtering options give you the opportunity to search for a match by area of residence, disability, and common interests. The Disability Match website also has a mobile version, ensuring the highest possible convenience for users across all platforms.


  • MySpecialMatch – As the name suggests, this dating website is designed to help people meet their “special match”. This project was started by parents whose daughter has special needs. They aimed to create a private, safe, and fun space where disabled people would be able to find friends and potential soulmates. In an interview, the website creators stated that they wanted to give their daughter and other disabled people a chance to find a special someone through the opportunity to interact with others. Their aim was to establish a portal where special needs adults could forge long-lasting, meaningful friendships and relationships.


Quick List Of Facts Regarding Disabled Dating


  • The negative stereotypes surrounding disabilities contribute to the already massive stigma and everyday difficulties that people with disabilities experience.

  • The results of the recent survey covering adults with disabilities show that every second disabled person does not have a sexual partner or a relationship at all.

  • Disability is often a huge burden for the person in the psychological and emotional sense. Self-consciousness may give rise to inhibitions when it comes to pursuing romantic relationships. The person fears their disability may be the cause for rejection by a potential partner.

  • Some people take a particular, sexualized interest in disabilities. Such a phenomenon is called “devoteeism” and it stands for the mental and physical attraction to the appearance of disability, as well as the relevant sensations and experiences.

  • On the basis of personal experiences of disabled people, it's safe to say the desire to have a close relationship is a basic human need that is pertinent to disabled and able-bodied humans alike.

  • Forming a serious and committed personal relationship takes about the same amount of time for any basic human and a person with disabilities.